Tra Ricordi e Realtà
(“Between Memories and Reality”)
Exhibition of Franco Pastrello’s Paintings


Franco Pastrello was born in San Donà di Piave but, when he was young, he moved to Borgosesia.
From the Adriatic Sea to the chain of the Alps: in this way he realised his paintings, where we can find perspectives of his native land, landscapes of the Alta Valsesia and of his beloved Val d’Otro.

Using his technique of “flexible putty knives” and the agility of his hand, the painter created the softness and the elegance of the colours on the paintings, so that they look like delicate brush strokes and induce always new emotions.
Alongside this technique, Pastrello used also the method of “pennacquo policromo o monocromo”. This name was coined by him as contraction of the phrase “pennelli e matite colorate o nere acquerellabili stese con un pennello morbido al fine di creare trasparenze quasi fiabesche” (“brushes and coloured or black watercolour pencils, spread using a soft brush, in order to create almost fairy transparency”).

Texts by Floriana Zavattaro
Translations by Lara Fagnola
Thanks to Jacopo, Ennio, River and the artists for images
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