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Aldo Pallaro

ALDO PALLARO lives and works in Piombino Dese (PD).
Wood attracts him since he was 13, when he observed his father realizing simple tools of poor farm art and so, with his rusted screwdriver he started digging wood. In this way, he began his dialogue with the tree.
His atelier is the forest, where he is in contact with that nature that shows him all its beauty. All its openings are like vibrating sheets: it is the tree, that speaks to the man.
A trunk is an open book, where you can read the good and the bad years. The knots indicate the difficulties and the obstacles and from the rings, you can read its age. Trees and humans often are born and grow up together, but no one notices it; then the tree continues living and sees the next generations and also when someone cuts it down, its life doesn’t stop.
The sculptor’s works of art give it new light. The strong cords, used to tie and hold up, vibrate in the air and make flying thoughts and emotions.
“The stump rots and transforms. It is the nature that changes and is born again in a new life with beautiful forms, because a centenary tree is proud of its age and shows us its playful grace”.
Now, the artist works on the time; it is the tree time but also the human time.
An open trunk speaks with us, telling its history, while “the rhythm of the years” comes into view through the longitudinal cuts and the light that seeps in, is reflection of life.
A longitudinal cut has opened into two specular parts a big branch of cedar from Libano and an important and ancient sting instrument has appeared: the harp.

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Texts by Floriana Zavattaro
Translations by Lara Fagnola
Thanks to Riccardo, Jacopo, Ennio, River and the artists for images
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