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Arianna Gasperina

ARIANNA GASPERINA lives and works in Valvasone (PD). She attended the artistic high school in Oderzo and from 20 years she dedicates herself to sculpture, an art that she improved in the laboratories of good artists.
Arianna prefers the figurative style. She showed and shows in personal and collective exhibitions, she takes part to Symposia and she obtained numerous prizes and recognitions.
She works wood, marble, stone and terracotta, but wood is the matter that she prefers, because it is living matter, always different in structure. It is her challenge and research.
When you enter her laboratory, you enter her world: her finished and not finished sculptures, the drawings, the determined and nervous lines of pencil, the smell of wood and of waxs express her “interior uncontrollable fire”.
“Sculpture is my Word. It tells my Feelings, my Fears and my Joys” …
“Happiness and sadness become a mix” …
Her feelings release through the matter and her soul flies far away. But the soul has also to learn to stop listening itself and what you can’t see, but you can hear. The soul has to know how to catch the moment to stretch the hand and help someone to lift.
“Leave me
I can’t stay here no more
But don’t worry
I’ll be with you”. (A.G.)

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Texts by Floriana Zavattaro
Translations by Lara Fagnola
Thanks to Riccardo, Jacopo, Ennio, River and the artists for images
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