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Cristina Berloffa

CRISTINA BERLOFFA was born in Ponte San Pietro (BG). She lives in Zandobbio, a little village few kilometers far from Trescore Balneario, the historic administrative center of Val Cavallina, and not far from the picturesque lake of Endine.
Cristina has always been attracted by the perfect forms of sculptures of the sculptors from Alto Adige and her great wish is to sculpt little “Madonnas”, but since now it hasn’t become truth.
From seven years, she cultivates her passion for the art, attending sculpture courses and realising bas relieves.
It’s her first official participation to a Symposium. This fact helps us to continue a project of the last year: inviting a sculptor for a first participation, so that he/she can work next to experts, in order to enhance his/her experience and to obtain a personal enrichment.
The spirit of the artist is to feel happiness in the meeting with other capable people and observing the works of art of the other sculptors.

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Texts by Floriana Zavattaro
Translations by Lara Fagnola
Thanks to Riccardo, Jacopo, Ennio, River and the artists for images
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