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Emiliano Facchinetti

EMILIANO FACCHINETTI lives and works in Trescore Balneario (BG). When he was young, he started drawing and attending the master Alessandro Caloi’s atelier. After the artistic high-school, he attended the Polytechnic University of Milan and then the Accademy of Carrara.
Today he is an appreciated sculptor, woodcarver and teacher in a sculptor’s school.
He took part to several Symposia, exhibitions and contests, in Italy and abroad, gaining prizes and recognitions.
As woodcarver, he feels satisfaction when he recreates parts or entire pieces in ancient style, comparing himself to the masters of the past.
He often shows these works together with his personal creations. His art as sculptor is figurative-objectistic. He tries to give life to simple common objects, that at the first view could be considered insignificant.
With the sculpture dedicated to bricklayer, he wanted to give recognition to the simple figure of a worker, that often is not considered, but that works with professionalism. It was a bricklayer on ‘60s, that heard a hollow sound, beating on the wall of the Colleoni chapel in Bergamo Alta. In this way, after 500 years of researches, he found out that the condottiero, captain of fortune was always stayed there, interred inside his monument.

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Texts by Floriana Zavattaro
Translations by Lara Fagnola
Thanks to Riccardo, Jacopo, Ennio, River and the artists for images
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