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Fulvio Borgogno

FULVIO BORGOGNO attended the Art School in Saluzzo and then he went on with his education in different ateliers of other master artisans; he has his atelier in Pinerolo, where he teaches woodworking and decoration in a professional school.
His passion for art was born since he was young. He started modelling clay and only later he dedicated himself to intaglio of wood.
He loves researching and experimenting: his favorite matter is wood, but he doesn’t disdain other poor or precious materials and he dedicates himself also to draw and paint.
Every sculpture of him begins with a plasticine model, creating from nothing what is in his mind. He started with the classic genre, but now his figures are characterized by modern lines, by color and by experimenting abstract form.
The sculptor also teaches with passion and he helps every student choosing a sculptor. According to their choice, he starts a personalise project, which considers the individual skills of each.
Fulvio participated to many contests and Symposia in Italy, France and Finland, winning awards and recognitions.

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