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padre Gianni Bordin

Father GIANNI BORDIN was born in Andria; meeting him in the convent, where he lives, was an exciting experience.
Inside his laboratory, in a hut in the garden, among the unfinished sculptures, the shavings, the smell of wood and the several tools, he tells us about his artistic path.
When he attended the Seminary, he developed his passion for the employment of hands, starting modelling clay as another friar, which works this matter. The approach with wood was born during his stay in Venice, when he was attending a Theological School and he met an artisan, which made him know the tools for sculpting.
He enhanced and improved the sculpting technique during his summer periods in Aurina Valley (Alto Adige), meeting the local artisans.
After the ordination, he attended the “Beato Angelico” School in Milan for two years.
In our last Symposium, he dealt with the essence of walnut, drawing inspiration from the Italian tradition of XIV century, when Cimabue painted the Christ on a wood board. Gianni’s sculpture of Christ is an act of faith and it expresses a moment of meditation on the Cross Mistery, that always moves a lot of people; it’s a sign of welcome and collaboration.

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