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Inma Garcia Arribas

INMA GARCIA ARRIBAS was born near Segovia, in the heart of Spain. She’s veterinary and when she was in Guatemala with a group of “veterinaries without borders”, she met her Italian love. Now she lives in Denno (TN) from many years, in a house on the wonderful Val di Non.
Her medical-scientific education, her passion and curiosity, led her interest in the study of the “cell”: using the electronic microscope, she found out what is hidden to the human eye.
Her first sculptures are panels, where you can see structures of cells, virus and bacteria, which bring different pathologies.
Now with the trunks she creates figures full of charm, with horizontal cuts.
Inma tells: “...I was looking for something where I could put my time and part of my soul. Then sculpture arrived in my life. You know, it’s not easy to find the job that fascinate you for hours and hours, but when it happens…that’s wonderful!”
Her wish became truth through her works of art.
The artist participated and participates to several Symposia, realising sculptures full of charm and always beginning good relationships with the other sculptors, thanks to her lively and sunny personality.

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