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Italo De Gol

ITALO DE GOL lives in Santa Giustina (BL). He was woodworker and now he’s retired and self-taught sculptor.
The great passions of his life are football (he was football player until few years ago), the mountain and the nature. To these, he joined the sculpture.
Italo realised unique and evocative works of art, full of movement and harmony, which are true expression of his attachment to the history and traditions of his land.
He immortalized the memory of the great tragedy in Vajont and the big unfolded wing, which raises from the wall of rock, brings to the sky the faces of four friends, fallen with a helicopter of the alpine first aid on the Pelmo mount (peak of Dolomites of Zoldo). This sculpture is now a monument and it is located near the Belluno hospital.
Respect and love for nature moved him to go close and know good the American redskin tribes. He adopted their philosophy of life and feelings, that he transferred also in his works of art.
The artist took part to several Symposia, most of all in Veneto and Trentino.

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