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Marco Del Corso

MARCO DEL CORSO was born in Tuscany. He lives in a Varallo hamlet and he’s self-taught sculptor, with a large and deep knowledge about various materials.
He improved the technique of modelling ceramic in Ligury and the sculpture of marble in Carrara.
His big polychrome cats of terracotta in different positions, stocky but elegant, with decorated bodies, are his business card. Cats are those ancient animals, already by Egyptan venerated, that during the centuries kept secrets, that we’re not able to know.
Since he was young, he loved these animals and identified himself with them, for their free way of life, always in search of new adventures, a little bit wild, but loved in the house, where they bring their plunders as gift.
Marco realised works of street furniture and among these he loves remembering the monument “L’Angelus”, for the Arconate municipality. It is the sculpted version of a Francois Millet painting, that remembers the local forefathers, devoted to the work in fields and respectful of religious traditions. It is a work of great emotional impression for the artist, because it was realised soon after his father’s death.

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