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Mirko Mittempergher

MIRKO MITTEMPERGHER lives in Sasso di Nogaredo (TN). During a journey in Val d’Aosta, where he was, because of his passion for the mountains, he discovered his interest for sculpture.
He read a handbook, published by a sculptor from Val d’Aosta, and in this way, he learned the first important basics. After that he attended an improver course at the School of Art of Ortisei in Val Gardena, attracted from the figures sculpted by some artists from Alto Adige, well-finished in every little detail.
But his sculpture took a personal way: the figures follow the taste of the artist, that gives form to his thoughts and dreams and make you hear his voice, materializing ideas.
His art is a continue internal research. It is the will to express forms and volumes, looking for an expressive “contemporary” value, with the aim to give an original point of view about a material that is so old like the world, but in the same time so living and warm, as wood.
Mirko’s artistic path is linked with the tradition and the discovery of classical sculptors, but he loves experimenting, looking for his own way and, when he finds it, he immediately starts the research of a new path. As it happens for who starts a long journey: he touches different banks, but he always continues with his final aim well clear in mind.
Sculpture has been a surprise, that little by little took form and still today amuses him, exactly because it is not a job.
The artist showed in some personal and collective exhibitions and he’s collaborating with a gallery in Bologna, that organises exhibitions of works of art in modern key.

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