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Pino Bettoni

ANGELO GIUSEPPE “PINO” BETTONI lives in Perloz, a little village on the rocks, in the Gressoney Valley. But “The Soul of Chemp, the Choral Tale of a Village of Art” is the place where the dream of the “master and poet of wood” became truth. The little and quite village is in danger of abandonment and also the birds went away from it. Today it opens its precious chest, which contains and guards wood and bronze souls.
“A bouquet of sculpted houses
Of wood and stone
In a frame of trees…
Only the voice of wind stays
To speak with the grass of field
To make with the fountain speech
….....................the memory stays
Of who went away for dying
Of who searched for a different fate.” (U. Druschovic)

Among the breath of the wind, the warm sun ray, the eternal singing of the fountain and the rustling of the fronds, the sculptures – mute witnesses – accompany and enchant in a magic path.
“Happy ran the girl with her kite
that for fun was like a sail in the wind,
on the sea,
holding the cord, gripping the life
in the gentle palm of the little hand.
A wish became truth.” (U. Druschovic)

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