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Renato Borsato

RENATO BORSATO lives and works in Curtarolo (PD). He loves art and participates from several years to contests, exhibitions and symposia.
He’s woodworker and from all his life he dedicates himself to wood sculpture.
He loves wood. Being a natural element, it’s baggage of the entire humanity and it allows sculptor’s art to express itself entirely in its different realities.
“For my dedication to this natural element – sometimes difficult, if you don’t understand well its original pride – I wish to show to public my artistic point of view and my works of art, to move close observer and creator”.
His sculptures are hand-worked with chisel and other tools.
His subjects are different and it’s often the wood, with its form, to suggest what the sculptor will realise.
Renato really cares about environmental questions and he created works of art, which concern the environmental problem. With the form of “CORE SAMPLES”, the artist imagines to travel in the subsoil and in three areas of Eart with a mix of different DNAs. And the terrain, that from the deep has never seen the light of sun, explodes to life with figures representing nature and maternity.

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