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Renato Rosso

RENATO ROSSO lives in Agua, a little hamlet of Cellio, works in the open air and his element is the wood.
He’s a woodsman and he uses the chainsaw not only to cut down the trees. Since ever, he has been attracted by sculpture and so, he tried to use his work tool to create different figures, such as eagles, gnomes, elves and objects for garden.
The tree stumps inspire him and just with few flashes of chainsaw, he creates a sculpture, that he gives to the forest as a gift.
This is his signature, his memory: the people will be able to admire his work of arts during walks and in some years, when he’ll go there with his son, his creature will be waiting for him.
Renato has a strong passion for sculpture and despite he’s not much free time, he participates with enthusiasm to the Symposium, because the meeting and the debates with other sculptors are important for him, to improve his knowledges and to grow personally.
With his no face sculpture, he decided to represent a sad current subject as the thirst for power and for money, that foments wars.

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