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Roberta Bechis

ROBERTA BECHIS was born in Turin. She’s graduated in the Art Academy and from many years she lives in Aosta Valley. For almost twenty years she has been technical manager of an artistic foundry. Her passion is sculpture and the wood fascinates her. In her works of art, you can see clean and essential lines, which make the figures slim – the accurate expression of faces, the long dresses and the static authority of her figures belong to a hieratic and austere humanity.
Roberta now works in her atelier, in the beautiful Medieval village of Bard, in the shadow of the impressive and majestic Fort.
Her last sculptures are the expression of her lively and happy personality. Indeed, next to the noble and austere figures, appeared a joyful humanity. They are smiling boys and girls with scarfs around the neck and funny pom-poms, bent because of the wind. They have snowballs, rakes, skis…and then sweets in the hands. They are also absorbed feminine faces and a lot of red hearts.

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