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Silvano Ferretti

SILVANO FERRETTI comes from Trentino, but lives in Aosta Valley from more than forty years.
A little yellow half-moon is the signature that he uses on his sculptures and a little red umbrella that he suddenly opens on his panels, catches the eye and the fantasy.
Silvano is “keeper of tradition” and in his atelier in Chatillon, where the smell of wood dominates, he gives form to his stories, connected with moments of the past. Work, meditation, celebration and rest of simple and laborious people of the mountain. They are representations connected with the nature, the seasons, the farming life and the collectivity moment.
The sculptor realised fine works of art, he took and takes part to Italian Symposia and these are for him important moments to stabilize old friendships and to meet new artists, with whom talk and enrich his own knowledge.

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