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Silvano Rotti

SILVANO ROTTI lives and works in Cellio: his interest for drawing began when he was a child, observing the father’s works. Because of this passion, he continues still today to visit picture galleries and painting exhibitions of classical and modern artists.
Over the years, he discovered the fascination of wood, as an alive and always transforming matter.
This passion lead him to organise the Symposium for Sculpture in his own village, because gathering a group of artists from different places and seeing them working are a great satisfaction and also a great personal enrichment. The meeting with new sculptors opens the doors of their ateliers and of their hearts, while they’re talking about themselves.
As self-taught sculptor, in the free time Silvano dedicates himself to sculpture in a corner of his laboratory, among a big confusion of tools, chisels and shavings.
His style is mainly figurative. He represents human and animal figures. His favorite animal subject is the mysterious, not conformist and free spirit cat, because it is exactly what he would like to be.

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