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Vincenzo Chiaro

VINCENZO CHIARO lives and works in Saint Vincent: he is self-taught sculptor.
His passion was born among the stands of the “Fiera di Sant’Orso” in Aosta. Curious and interested, among thousand exhibitors, he asked advices to the “master” Pino Bettoni e since then, he started his sculptor’s path.
He followed advices and teachings, but the choice of subjects has always been personal.
Every year he exhibits his works of art in Fiera and his sculptures call the visitors’ attention and invite them to stop in front of his “stand”, that is covered by a blue night cloth.
Are there many keys to open the lock of heart or are there many locks to be open by a unique key among the others?
There are tender memories of childhood, when you played with a puppet and receiving a toy was an important moment, because it was a rare and precious object. In this way was born the brat figure of Pinocchio, the puppet which made dream entire generations of children and he is the fantasy character, that we remember with love.

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